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The exhibition runsApril 26 - August 24

Open daily 11am - 5pm
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CONCEPTS, CHEMISTRY & COPPER presents a selection of works from Crown Point Press editions between 1979 and 2008. The exhibition encompasses a broad range of different strategies within contemporary art, from the radical conceptual impulses of the 1970s to the heterogeneous artistic topography of today.
The exhibition is running from
April 26 – August 24 2008.

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The conceptual art that developed in the 1970s rejected traditional roles of the artist and the expectation that artists limit themselves to a single style, technique or material. Instead, it emphasized philosophical, linguistic and cognitive aspects of artistic creation. Kathan Brown, Founding Director, realized early on that a conceptual approach to artistic production corresponded well with Crown Point’s ambition of exploring and developing the artistic possibilities offered by intaglio printing.

Artists who have worked at Crown Point Press have all been chosen for their artistic merits, regardless of their preferred media. For example, John Cage had no prior experience with etching when he first came to Crown Point Press in 1978. With his open and innovative attitude, he eventually challenged all conventions about the art of printing and Cage returned almost annually as a guest artist at Crown Point Press up until his death in 1992. All the artists participating in the exhibition CONCEPTS, CHEMISTRY & COPPER have used Crown Point Press, each in their own way, as a laboratory for artistic experimentation to both deepen their understanding about and expand the limits of contemporary fine arts printing. Characteristics of Crown Point Press’s editions are an uncompromising artistic integrity combined with an unmatched craftsman’s eye for perfection.

CONCEPTS, CHEMISTRY & CONCEPTS includes 40 some works from 15 artists produced at Crown Point Press. The exhibition offers a unique insight into the rich diversity of creative strategies encompassed by contemporary art, materialized through the timeless alchemic processes of etchings.

Anders Krüger, curator